A Public Adjuster is a licensed adjuster that works directly on behalf of the policyholder only, to assess damage, prepare an estimate of repair, determine policy coverage and present the claim to the insurance carrier. The Public Adjuster will then work with the carrier through the adjustment process to ensure a proper settlement is reached. The duties of a Public Adjuster are many and include but not limited to the following;

  • Determine the exact cause or causes of the loss.
  • Investigate & identify all components involved in the loss that include Physical Damage, Financial Loss and Contractual obligations.
  • Review of the insurance policy to determine how coverage(s) apply to the loss, along with any limitations, exclusions and requirements.
  • Formally file the claim with the insurance carrier.
  • Evaluate and prepare a detailed estimate of the loss.
  • Meeting with Insurance adjusters and his/her consultants or engineers.
  • Preparation & presentation of the loss to the Insurance Company (Very important aspect).



The simple and straigtforward answer is that you need an Insurance expert representing you, protecting your financial interests.

Navigating through the claims adjusting process can be complicated, time consuming and extremely stressful. The insurance company will have a team of experts working directly on their behalf so it only makes sense for you to have an expert team on your side.  Just as you would not want an IRS agent preparing your tax returns, you should not leave the outcome of your claim in the hands of an adjuster, that is beholden to the Insurance Company.  We will manage your claim from beggining to end so you can focus on the most important thing.....managing your business.